5 Things to Do With Your Kids in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a sought after destination for family outdoor adventures. The area has everything from hiking to biking trails, to resort mountains and wildlife museums. It’s definitely for the outdoor enthusiast.

Getting your kids outdoors today can be a lot harder than it used to be, but Jackson Hole provides all the essential outdoor activies to make a family vacation fun and worthwhile to spend with the kids. Here are some great things to do with your kids in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

1. Teton Village Adventure Park

If you’ve never been to an adventure park, Teton Village has the person one for first-timers and experiened climbers. The park has everything from a ropes course to a climbing wall along with a bike park and bungee trampoline. Kids rave about the park’s attractions as it continues the theme of outdoor adventures in Jackson Hole.

2. Horseback Riding at Spring Creek Ranch

Jackson Hole isn’t only for hikers. It’s also for riders. Sadle up and take on the hills riding horseback. It’s easily one of the most beautiful ways to experience the region. Exposing your children to horseback riding is one of the many memories they’ll take with them growing up. It’s great exposure to the outdoors and a wonderful experience.

Children must be at least five-years-old to go on the one-hour ride, and at least seven to go on the four-hour rides.

3. Go Bike Riding on Elk Refuge Bike Path

If your kids love to ride bikes, then this is an adventure for both you and them. This scenic bike path weaves throughout Elk Refuge, passing through areas of grassland prairies and meets at Bridger-Teton National Forest.

This bike path is a simple terrain, which is perfect for children. The slow, scenic route allows for a steady pace, with no rush.

4. Wildlife Tour in Grand Teton National Park

Expose your children to a scenic tour in the Grand Teton National Park. While these tours take four hours, they are well worth it to witness the beautiful attraction and wildlife of the region. The best times to go on a tour is early in the morning, or around sunset. At these times, the landscape is at its most serene state, perfect for wildlife viewing.

5. Town Square Shootout

While this attraction requires less physical abilities, it’s still just as fun for the kids. The Jackson Hole Shootout is a tradition of the area. Head on down to the town square and witness one of the oldest running gun fights in the United States.

The attraction begins Monday through Saturday at 6 p.m. and is free to the public. The shootout follows the legend of an original Jackson Hole Shootout. Learn more about it from the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce.

About the Author: Jessica is a guest contributor from Bentwood Inn, a top bed and breakfast in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and is close to the Grand Teton National Park.

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