4 Tips for Destination Weddings

Whether you’re heading to an all inclusive resort in the Caribbean, or a secluded spot in the mountains, a destination wedding requires careful planning and more than just a day of fun. If you’re looking to have a nontraditional wedding, a destination wedding may be right for you. Destination weddings are perfect for couples who love a certain destination or have family from all over the country. Here are some tips to help your destination wedding go smoothly.


Research is one of the most important parts of a destination wedding. You need to know a lot about the area before you decide to get married there. Make sure you visit the area first or make it a place you’ve already visited. It would be unfortunate to get to your destination and have it be less than expected. Start your planning early so you can get an idea of different venues in the area and costs for each.

Timing is key

You have to keep in mind the time of year when choosing your destination. If you want a wedding in November, it may be too cold for a mountain wedding. Some destinations have peak seasons so you need to plan months, or even years, in advance in order to have your wedding there. Plan far enough in advance so relatives can also book airfare and hotels without spending too much money.

Ask about group rates

It’s often customary for you to pay for your wedding party’s hotel rooms. Most hotels or resorts will offer group rates for your wedding party and guests. This makes it easier for guests who may have varying budgets. You can even look into group rates for flights or a group dinner before the wedding.

Factor in climate

If your destination is warm, you may not want to wear a dress with several layers or have groomsmen wear three-piece suits. A long train on your dress is also a no no for outdoor weddings. You should feel comfortable at your own wedding. Make sure you know what the local climate will be like during your wedding and plan accordingly. If the area gets unexpected rain, try to have a plan B venue if your venue is outdoors. A good tip is to remind guests of the local weather so they can plan accordingly as well.

Destination weddings are fun and exciting for everyone involved. They may require some extra planning, but it is sure to be a day you will never forget. If you’re looking for a place to have your destination wedding, Pine River Ranch Bed and Breakfast and Wedding Destination is a one-of-a-kind wedding venue in Leavenworth, Washington.

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