3 Reasons to Take the Train

You and your spouse have planned a family vacation for this summer. Airplane ticket prices are through the roof and you can’t imagine driving your three screaming kids for two days across the country – what’s a family to do? Or perhaps you are a college student planning on traveling to visit your loved ones or significant other – but you don’t have a car and you’re on a budget. How will you get there? Try the train! There are three simple reasons why taking the train is the best option when vacationing: it’s affordable, it’s fun, and it’s comfortable. Read on for more details!

  1. It is affordable. Driving a few hours across the state and back to visit someone can cost you $50 or more. Gas isn’t cheap – and it’s even harder to drive somewhere if you don’t own a car! Short train trips are extremely cost-effective: tickets from Michigan State University to Western Michigan University are as cheap as $9 each way! If you’re planning on driving across the country, gas can be one of your largest travel expenses (not to mention the hotel rooms you’ll have to pay for as you go). Cross-country train trips can be booked on “sleeper cars” that eliminate the need for hotel rooms along the way.
  2. It is fun. Picture this: you’re whiling away the hours by reading a great book, as scenery flies by outside your big wide window. You can play games with your friends and family, visit the dining car, or watch a movie on your laptop. There’s plenty of sightseeing to be done, conversations to be had with your fellow travelers – and you can even get some work done on your computer, if you can’t bear to tear yourself away from the office. You could even hold an informal meeting on the train, as there are cars with “booth-style” seating that allow passengers to sit facing each other with a table in-between.
  3. It is comfortable. When compared to an airplane, trains seem like the most luxurious mode of transportation in the universe! They have food you can purchase at almost any hour of the day, there are miles of leg room between seats, and there are usually footrests. You can get up and walk around whenever you want to, without fear of falling onto your fellow passengers during a bout of turbulence. You can walk down to the dining car and enjoy a meal or snack while watching the world go by outside your window. You can even book a “roomette” or bedroom on the train and experience your train trips while horizontal!


If you haven’t yet considered it, give some thought to making the train your mode of transportation for your next vacation or business trip. You’ll be glad you did!

This post was written by a guest contributor for America by Rail, providers of rail vacations and guided train tours. 


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