Pet Friendly Attractions in Santa Fe

The Santa Fe, New Mexico area is surrounded with pet friendly attractions to enjoy. When traveling with pets it can be difficult to find things to do and places to see that also allow you to bring your travel companions. Santa Fe is a very walk-able city, which makes it the perfect travel destination to bring your pets. If you are traveling to Santa Fe and want to bring along your pets take a look at the list below for some of the best pet friendly Santa Fe attractions.

Outdoor Pet-Friendly Attractions

Borrego Trail in Santa Fe is a beautiful trail head that goes north-south between Borrego Mesa and the Aspen Ranch Trailhead. The trail is 22 miles long and features rich history, archaeology, and other beauty. Borrego Trail is the perfect place to hike with your dogs since it is mostly shaded.

IMG_4677Rio En Medio Trail is another great pet friendly attraction in Santa Fe. The trail features beautiful waterfalls and streams that are great for your dogs to get a drink of water from on their walk. The Borrego trail actually intersects with this trail along with other different trails, so it is recommended to bring a trail map to make sure you are on the right trail.

Frank S Ortiz Dog Park is an amazing place to bring your dogs to in Santa Fe. Here you can let your dogs off their leash, but be careful as the area is not fenced in. There are endless trails to walk and also a “social” area for dogs to play with other dogs.

Pet-Friendly Shopping

Visit Santa Fe Paws for a fun pet shopping experience! This pet store sells locally made collars, bowls, food and treats, leashes, and more. You can even bring your pet into the store with you, so they can find what they truly want.

Pooch Pantry Bakery and Boutique is a pet-friendly store in Santa Fe that caters to your furry members of the family. They feature a full on-site bakery where they make homemade treats, as well as a full lie of raw foods. They also have a self-serve dog wash open and monthly events such as dog nail clipping.

CasaEscondida-Rooms-Sun-01Pet-Friendly Lodging

Casa Escondida Bed & Breakfast is a wonderful pet friendly hotel in Santa Fe that is perfect for your animals. They provide puppy-perks for your dog’s such as dogtreats and you can indulge in their “bottomless bag of biscuits” as well. Casa Escondida also has rugs for your pets if you forgot your pet bed. Their rural setting is also perfect for walking your dog as they are located on 6 acres and are ¼ mile off the road.



Cowgirl BBQ in Santa Fe is a wonderful pet friendly restaurant. Their outside patio is perfect to bring your dogs, where they can have their own water bowl to enjoy. The restaurant serves burgers, salads, sandwiches, and other delicious barbecue food. Not to mention, they have wonderful live music on the outside patio as well.Cowgirl_-_Hero_300_210_s_c1

Another wonderful pet friendly restaurant in Santa Fe is the Mangiamo Pronto. This restaurant in Santa Fe also has patio seating that is a great place to bring your dog as you get to indulge in their pastries, salads, pizza, and more. They also have delicious gelato, wine, and beer to enjoy at this restaurant with your furry friends!

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